Campey's Real Champions

Keeping Real Madrid’s Santiag Bernabeu Stadium pitch and a further 11 football training pitches at their peak of playability is a massive challenge, and the man who heads it all up is award-winning Grounds Manager Paul Burgess – achieving perfect pitches throughout the year for the training and fixtures of 17 teams.

This year Paul has added a further list of Campey equipment to the extensive range already at his disposal in Spain. They include a Koro by Imants 1.2m Field Top Maker, a Dakota 412 Turf Tender, five Raycam Hi-lift Trailers, a Koro by Imants Recycling Dresser, Imants RotoSweep, Raycam Aeraseeder, Vredo 214 Compact Seeder and a Imants RotoBlast. “My
objective is to produce a perfect pitch for every game, not just the championship matches,” says Paul, the former Arsenal Head Groundsman.

“I want the players to have complete confidence in the surface they are playing on,” says Paul. “If I am at the top of my professional ability, then they can concentrate on achieving the peak of their performance too.” Paul has to stay ahead of all the latest skills and technology that revolve around maintaining a world class sporting venue and training centre, he has to ensure that all of the teams get the training opportunities they require. Paul has chosen to run a combination of natural,
hybrid and 100per cent artificial pitches, all of the pitches must stay in perfect condition regardless of the weather conditions and intensity of use. “It is an on-going process of routine maintenance, re-surfacing, staff training and budget management.”

“I consulted with Campey Turf Care Systems primarily because they offer a range of machinery and industry expertise which cannot be matched by anyone.” explained Paul. Being based in Madrid, Paul is also conscious of the need to work with companies that have expertise in operating outside of the UK. “I knew Campeys for many years when I was in England,”
he says. “Football is an international sport these days and the supply, support and back-up have to be as much international as they are domestic.

“Campey offer excellent back up, unrivaled knowledge of their field and most importantly – are good people.” “In particular I’m really impressed with the Imants range of turf maintenance equipment such as the Imants Shockwave and the Imants RotoSweep. These machines offer a unique action and deliver a quality finish.”

“But the machine which I really like is the Koro by Imants Recycling Dresser which aerates the underlying soil,” says Paul. “It promotes sustainable maintenance by re-distributing what’s already there, which is always a good thing and in doing so reduces the amount of new top-dressing required, which is a cost benefit.”

“We have to look at all the latest trends and adapt to new demands, but without compromising on our promise to deliver best practice,” says Managing Director Richard Campey. “In fact, we work closely with companies and turf professionals which actively seek to develop and introduce the latest technology and innovative methods.”

Clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester United strive for perfection and have budgets that reflect this commitment. But Campey Turf Care Systems offers this level of expertise to all its customers, whatever size the club or organisations, however large or small the budget.

“We look to provide the best machines and the best advice,” says Richard “Not just to meet the perceptions of the sports turf industry today, but to encourage everyone to embrace new ideas for tomorrow.”