Terraplaning across the world as the latest renovation technique from Campey takes off

Following a series of successful demonstrations, Terraplaning has already been taken on board as an important service to offer by sports contractors such as Premier Pitches who has adopted the method and employed it extensively throughout the summer renovation and maintenance season across the UK and Europe.  The new Terraplane® Rotor for the Koro Field TopMaker has taken renovation methods to the next level.

Groundsmen responsible for professional stadium and training facilities need look no further to improve the durability and health of their pitch.  Known as Terraplaning, the latest style Koro Field TopMaker (FTM) when fitted with the new Terraplane® rotor will deliver a surface that is cleaner and smoother than ever before.

We all know that good surface hygiene is the key to eliminating the spread of poa annua. The success of the Koro Field TopMaker has been built on this premise.   Terraplaning expands this idea by using carbide tipped blades on the rotor to remove organic build-up. This leaves the top surface not only more hygienic than ever before, but crucially more durable. Once the material is removed (via the side arm conveyor of the FTM directly into a trailer), you are left with a perfectly level stable playing surface into which it can then be overseeded.

The Terraplane® rotor has been purchased by a number of premier league clubs including Arsenal FC, who already have a Koro Field TopMaker and are skilful in koro-ing and some who are just beginning to adopt these well-practised methods of pitch renovation. It has been successfully used Head Groundsman Alan Ferguson at the FA National Football Centre – St. George’s Park in Staffordshire.

The Terraplane® is also proving popular across the world and in particular in the USA where it has been used on National baseball and soccer pitches across the States.